What’s this?

Konkr is a free strategy game that runs in your web browser. It’s far from finished, but I think it’s already kind of fun. Give it a try!

Controls are really simple:

How to play?

The island is divided among multiple factions, each represented by different colour of the hexagonal tiles. Adjacent tiles of the same colour form a Kingdom. Each kingdom has it’s own, independent economy. It gains gold each turn based on it’s size and pays upkeep for any military units it owns. As tiles change ownership, new kingdoms rise and fall, merge together or split apart.

You are in control of the dark green faction with all its kingdoms. Your goal is to bring a lasting peace to the land by mercilessly crushing all oposition under the might of your armies. Here are some basic tips to get you started:

Like it? Hate it?

Please do let me know, any and all feedback is much appreciated! Throw me an e-mail to mike@konkr.io. Your feedback might affect in what direction the game will evolve next!

What’s next?

Right now, Konkr is little more than a bare skeleton of a game. My first priority is to get it into a reasonably polished state, which means:

After that I’ll be experimenting with the gameplay formula and expanding it in whichever ways turn out to be most fun (possible directions include diplomacy, terrain, natural events, more complex warfare and even rpg elements).

Feel free to contact me on mike@konkr.io if you have any feedback or wish to be updated on future developments! You can also just leave a comment right below.