v2.20.0 released 2023-09-28

  • better small-screen support - conquest settings and other side panels now scroll when content doesn’t fit on screen
  • scrollable views no longer allow you to scroll way past the end of the content
  • reset map zoom level when entering conquest menu
  • bugfix: fixed sidebar panel content not adjusting after window resize
  • bugfix: fixed random forest placement deviations when recreating conquest map (invalidates old conquest map links)

v2.19.11 released 2023-09-25

  • new campaign level

v2.19.10 released 2023-09-17

  • new campaign level
  • water reflections rendering optimization
  • further refinement of rendering vs AI calculations balance

v2.19.8 released 2023-09-16

  • conquest mode now lets you cycle between 10 starting location variations
  • conquest mode layout tweaked to give better overview of the map
  • performance optimization: faster AI on devices without hardware accelerated graphics (better balance CPU resources between AI calculations and rendering)
  • improved UI contrast for dark ocean colors and other color palette tweaks
  • bugfix: fix non-deterministic town placement in conquest mode, conquest level links should be reliable again
  • bugfix: get rid of occasional horizontal and vertical seams between island chunks

v2.19.7 released 2023-09-10

  • new campaign level
  • bugfix: coins from chests on friendly territory can be no longer used for buying units
  • UI color tweaks in rewind mode and in restart/rewind menu

v2.19.6 released 2023-09-04

  • bugfix: fix a graphical glitch causing tile to not fully change color in rare cases

v2.19.5 released 2023-09-04

  • bugfix: fix for major performance issue when loading a level with hardware acceleration disabled

v2.19.3 released 2023-09-04

  • bugfix: fix crash when color setting in user data no longer matches any known preset

v2.19.2 released 2023-09-03

  • bugfix: fix rare crash when loading the color theme setting

v2.19.0 released 2023-09-03

  • new campaign level
  • the latest level replay is saved automatically and can be opened from the title screen
  • new ocean graphics
  • adjustable ocean color (either as part of overall theme or separately)
  • improved positioning and layout of tutorial panel on large maps
  • live transition between compact and large UI now smoother and without a memory leak
  • bugfix: fixed a source of occasional crash after loading a replay
  • bugfix: fixed the “One rival down, one more to go” down message showing up at the wrong time on Island 4: Reckoning
  • bugfix: fixed zombie forest leaking into regulary-themed maps and vice versa
  • bugfix: fixed icons on twitter/discord buttons alignment on the feedback sidebar

v2.18.8 released 2023-08-30

  • bugfix: fix incorrect image shown on the “Unit Upkeep” help page.

v2.18.7 released 2023-08-28

  • new campaign level
  • bugfix: fixed typo in level select UI
  • bugfix: remove broken difficulty selector when restarting conquest map
  • bugfix: prevent canceling rewind when entered from the defeat screen

v2.18.6 released 2023-08-21

  • new campaign level

v2.18.5 released 2023-08-14

  • bugfix: “continue” button on title screen no longer recommending already completed tutorial levels
  • bugfix: uploaded correct version of the new campaign level (Furor)

v2.18.4 released 2023-08-14

  • new campaign level

v2.18.3 released 2023-08-13

  • minor tile rendering optimization
  • bugfix: attempt to fix rare race condition crash on startup after progress reset when using kongregate login

v2.18.2 released 2023-08-11

  • added hotkey “C” to build castle
  • if all campaign levels are completed, display the total turn count on level select screen
  • clicking “next level” on victory screen no longer skips over levels that were completed on lower than the current difficulty (making replaying campaign levels on higher difficulty easier)
  • fast-forward overlay tweaks - less aggressive darkening, not shown when estimated time left is very low
  • bugfix: fixed a rare boot sequence race condition causing a crash on startup

v2.18.1 released 2023-08-07

  • bugfix: fast forward overlay breaking the game when hitting “skip” while watching replay

v2.18.0 released 2023-08-06

  • news alerts (exclamation marks) now appear instantly over the course of enemy turn and no longer disappear after undo
  • skipping enemy turn now displays progress indicator while rival moves are calculated
  • new campaign level
  • campaign levels tweaked to be slightly easier: Maze, Sherwood
  • bugfix: fixed game glitching out after leaving to main menu while enemy turn is in progress and restarting the level
  • bugfix: fix rival tiles background not updating properly when spectating on slowest playback speed
  • bugfix: fixed shield indicator not appearing on a protected tile from which a unit was just picked up
  • bugfix: fixed the Control modifier key getting stuck in “down” state after leaving the game window while holding it down
  • bugfix: prevent recurrent reset warning messages after syncing local progress both with kongregate and another login method
  • bugfix: no longer able to make feedback emojis in feedback dialog fly off-screen by spam-clicking them

v2.17.4 released 2023-08-02

  • kongregate statistics API integration
  • bugfix: fix incorrect date when saving replay

v2.17.2 released 2023-07-31

  • bugfix: fix town levels not updating properly after rival faction turn

v2.17.0 released 2023-07-30

  • option to wipe campaign progress (found at the bottom of the campaign overview screen)
  • smarter auto-attack pawn selection (will now avoid using already defensively placed pawns)
  • when you decline surrender, it still counts as victory for the purpose of tracking your lowest turn count for the level (only after you actually win though!)
  • AI chatter: no longer showing reaction messages from off-screen rivals
  • AI chatter: many new messages, fixed some spelling mistakes
  • AI chatter: avoid multiple rivals making identical comments in the same turn as much as possible
  • AI chatter: rival comment doesn’t change when selecting the same region repeatedly
  • new advanced help pages: “Visual Cues” and “Difficulty Modes”
  • new campaign level “Debt Spiral”
  • bugfix: fixed rare issue with best turn count not updating for tutorial levels
  • bugfix: fixed level being saved as in progress after viewing replay from victory screen
  • bugfix: fixed minor visual artifacts in tile background
  • bugfix: fixed animation glitches when updating tile defense markers
  • added rate limits to cloud sync and error reporting to avoid spamming the server

v2.16.0 released 2023-07-24

  • long press of undo button undos all moves in the current turn
  • option to increase difficulty when hitting “play again” on the victory screen
  • new campaign level
  • improved error reporting and error message for boot-time errors

v2.15.13 released 2023-07-23

  • performance optimizations mainly affecting undo and rewind

v2.15.12 released 2023-07-22

  • rendering performance optimization

v2.15.11 released 2023-07-21

  • bugfix: fix trophies getting converted from silver to gold in the background when syncing through kongregate account

v2.15.10 released 2023-07-17

  • bugfix: fix missing grass on tiles

v2.15.9 released 2023-07-17

  • bugfix: fix inconsistent coloring of conquerable hex highlight after stopped hovering over a tile
  • bugfix: scrolling on level select screen now works past level 85

v2.15.8 released 2023-07-17

  • revert rendering optimization changes as they are actually tanking performance on devices without hardware accelerated graphics

v2.15.7 released 2023-07-14

  • bugfix: another fix to random map generation not being random enough

v2.15.6 released 2023-07-10

  • new campaign level “Gladius”

v2.15.5 released 2023-07-10

  • bugfix: AI rivals build castles again

v2.15.4 released 2023-07-10

  • bugfix: fix conquest map generator often producing the same maps again

v2.15.3 released 2023-07-09

  • improved feedback dialog
  • tweaked victory screen layout on smaller display size so that feedback dialog doesn’t block the Next button
  • reverted to simpler shoreline rendering
  • bugfix: fixed lag after conquering a tile
  • bugfix: fix other tiles in region sometimes not updating correctly after a tile was taken
  • bugfix: fix problems with tile updates during replay

v2.15.2 released 2023-07-09

  • bugfix: fix graphical glitch when generating new map

v2.15.1 released 2023-07-08

  • major optimization of map rendering (up to 2x framerate boost!)
  • small tweaks to shoreline and province selection outline graphics
  • bugfix: fixed a rare visual glitch where conquerable hex highlight would incorrectly display semi-transparently after a unit was bought

v2.15.0 released 2023-07-07

  • all remaining low-res graphics and fonts upscaled for non-blurry 2x zoom
  • bandit camps now fly black flag when they have enough coins to produce new bandit

v2.14.13 released 2023-07-06

  • improved navigation controls in help sidebar
  • chapter on merging units added to “How to Play” section
  • a whole new “Advanced topics” section added to the help sidebar
  • various small tweaks to the “How to Play” section content

v2.14.12 released 2023-07-06

  • bugfix: fixed graphical bug when moving around a hero

v2.14.11 released 2023-07-06

  • tweaked tutorial #3 to be easier
  • AI rivals on normal difficulty now never ally with each other

v2.14.10 released 2023-07-05

  • fixed defense icon for hero to be the same as for knight
  • you can now dismiss tutorial messages with an “x” button
  • made some messages in tutorial #3 less spammy

v2.14.9 released 2023-07-05

  • made the income label text a little darker
  • tutorial level 3 tweaked to be a little easier
  • bugfix: fixed Godfrey the Goose not actually being sufficiently dumb
  • AI bugfix: fixed attack planning bug which would in rare cases sometimes cause the rival to do nothing at all instead of chosing a weak attack option

v2.14.7 released 2023-07-04

  • new campaign map “Valor”

v2.14.6 released 2023-07-04

  • ban Godfrey the Goose from building castles
  • the NEXT button in level detail screen takes now takes you to the next adjacent level (rather than next unfinished one)
  • How to Play document improvements

v2.14.5 released 2023-07-04

  • bugfix: fixed a rare issue where an outdated version of user data could be loaded by the game, leading to seeming loss of campaign progress
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where a victory on normal mode could override a victory on hard mode when syncing level progress
  • first part of “How to play” section overhaul

v2.14.3 released 2023-07-02

  • Kongregate account login integration

v2.14.2 released 2023-07-02

  • improved resolution of tiles and palisades
  • difficulty selection prompt after the 3rd tutorial level
  • make sure the Roboto font is loaded for rendering dialog texts

v2.14.1 released 2023-07-02

  • tweaked tutorial dialog background and positioning mainly to avoid hard to read text at the bottom when overlayed over the island
  • bugfix: improve advisor messages and fix broken “more info” button in tutorial 1 when it comes to warning about buying expensive unit
  • bugfix: properly center camera when dropping player into the first tutorial

v2.14.0 released 2023-07-01

  • Campaign: levels now have two AI difficulty settings - normal (opponents are less envious of player and not quite as cunning) and hard (same as before); winning on normal grants you a silver trophy
  • Conquest: difficulty level “Normal” - same as “Challenging” but with the easier AI rivals
  • Conquest: the “Casual” difficulty level now also uses the easier AI rivals
  • added cap on how much a smaller faction can appreciate you defeating a common enemy to prevent absurd levels of gratefulness in some edge cases
  • bugfix: prevent invalid link being copied to clipboard on conquest screen before a level was generated

v2.13.1 released 2023-07-01

  • option to dismiss tutorial prompts in phone layout

v2.13.0 released 2023-06-30

  • new final tutorial level (“Reckoning”) added as replacement for levels “Dark Age”, “Diplomacy”, “Robber Baron”
  • new AI Persona “Godfrey the Gooose”, for now used only in the tutorial levels

v2.12.16 released 2023-06-28

  • second tutorial level (“Hold the line”) replaced with new one

v2.12.15 released 2023-06-27

  • fix typo in tutorial text
  • add a subtle sound effect to text reveal transitions

v2.12.14 released 2023-06-27

  • bugfix: fixed a common source of visual glitches after skipping an enemy turn

v2.12.13 released 2023-06-27

  • new tutorial messages now supported also in mobile layout

v2.12.12 released 2023-06-26

  • new UI for restart/rewind/view replay saves you a click
  • new panel for inspecting province economy
  • new “R” hotkey for rewind
  • new impending rebellion indicators
  • new campaign level
  • work in progress on tutorial overhaul (mostly complete for level 1, but only in desktop mode)
  • hitting Escape in rewind mode now aborts the rewind instead of exiting to menu
  • “How to play” sidebar improvements (less confusing layout, next page button)
  • upscaled resolution for unit indicators
  • bugfix: rivals no longer grateful after you attack their bankrupt unit behind a wall.
  • going to next/previous level in the level detail screen using the left/right arrow buttons is now instant
  • bugfix: don’t show plus icons on top of heroes

v2.12.11 released 2023-06-22

  • bugfix: conquerable tiles indicators now update instantly on player turn, fixing a whole class of visual glitches and crashes when clicking to capture a number of tiles in rapid sequence

v2.12.10 released 2023-06-21

  • new level “Riposte”
  • alert icons now show instantly at start of player turn (prevents some race condition bugs)
  • land display tweak - connected local player land now shows “alive” color instantly after capture (to avoid confusing new players)
  • bugfix: appropriate AI chatter after rival received major damage but is still friendly
  • bugfix: fixed tile defense markers not updating after move aborted with right-click
  • bugfix: restored tile defense markers animation after dropping unit on a tile

v2.12.9 released 2023-06-16

  • AI rivals now less likely to defend their town with a knight outside of truly desperate situations
  • rivals tactical AI tuned to be a little less suicidally aggressive when desperate
  • fix tactical AI being blind to the value of defending with villagers in late game
  • bugfix: fix error in move score calculation causing AI to sometimes overvalue being proactive to the point of very clearly suicidal moves
  • “Enclaves” moved later in campaign
  • “Zeal” level moved later in campaign and made a bit easier

v2.12.8 released 2023-06-15

  • bugfix: prevent crash when a bandit camp is created and immediately destroyed while spectating on fast speed

v2.12.7 released 2023-06-14

  • bugfix: don’t trigger AI chatter during replay
  • more fitting and more timely AI chatter response when the rival appreciates you ending your turn without attacking them

v2.12.6 released 2023-06-13

  • bugfix: fixed a major bug with saving AI moves to replay. It could cause corrupted replay data after a game was saved during AI turn or after a replay was cropped due to being too long.
  • bugfix: fix a display error on fast playback speed when a bandit camp is spawned and immediately produces a bandit

v2.12.5 released 2023-06-12

  • levels “Riverlands” and “Meadows” shifted later in the campaign to avoid a difficulty spike
  • bugfix: AI factions no longer tend to compliment themselves after attacking
  • bugfix: fix rare case where move option indicator would fail to disappear after clearing a bandit inside your own territory

v2.12.4 released 2023-06-11

  • support for import custom AI chatter files
  • clean up chatter messages on undo/rewind
  • more AI chatter: on player defeat
  • more AI chatter: praising player’s contribution against common enemy

v2.12.3 released 2023-06-10

  • rivals sometimes proactively comment on major events in the game
  • bugfix: fixed AI sometimes treating major damage as minor for the purpose of generating chatter
  • bugfix: added missing chatter reaction when AI counter-attacks after suffering losses by the player

v2.12.1 released 2023-06-09

  • bugfix: ensured the generated province names are not too long for the UI
  • bugfix: fixed auto-attacker selection highlight incorrectly disappearing when issuing multiple moves in quick succession
  • auto-dismiss success notifications when leaving/changing level
  • bugfix: fixed map alert symbols not cleared after restart or rewind

v2.12.0 released 2023-06-08

  • bugfix: fix overly eager paralelizing of plays in fastest spectating mode
  • bugfix: fix rare failures to simplify complicated sequences of moves while spectating on fast speed, leading to visual errors

v2.11.0 released 2023-06-06

  • 3 new campaign maps.
  • AI chatter messages!
  • complete overhaul of the AI diplomacy/politics layer
  • improvements to the way AI assesses the likelyhood of getting attacked from a particular province
  • smarter playback on faster spectating speeds - only moves that don’t affect the player are paralelized
  • bugfix: patched a few campaign levels that accidentally started you with fake history of past aggression between provinces
  • bugfix: diplomatic AI no longer forgets about damage inflicted to regions that were completely destroyed
  • bugfix: emoji not updating correctly after undo
  • bugfix: power by faction calculation no longer incorrectly takes into account dead tiles
  • bugfix: power by faction calculation now correctly takes into account whether the player already collected income this turn
  • bugfix: retreated units no longer count as killed for the purpose of calculating AI relations impact

v2.10.3 released 2023-06-01

  • AI bugfix: fixed bug in move score calculation that could cause AI to sometimes stop defending
  • bugfix: prevent a rare crash when clicking really fast while buying a unit

v2.10.2 released 2023-06-01

  • bugfix: fix misaligned “right” button on level detail screen on first load

v2.10.1 released 2023-06-01

  • bugfix: fix freeze when right-clicking immediately after picking up pawn
  • bugfix: fix province popover elements being visible on title screen

v2.10.0 released 2023-06-01

  • improved performance thanks to migration to Phaser 3.60
  • new UI for displaying rival province stats
  • less aggressive border coloring when selecting rival province
  • new town flag color for indicating imminent bankrupcy
  • rewrite of map overlays synchronization fixes number of glitches regarding highlighting selected region, showing town flags, etc.
  • bugfix: fixed two sources of occasional crash while loading a replay from file
  • bugfix: fixed pawn camera drag sometimes incorrectly triggering while dragging a unit
  • bugfix: attitude emojis now updating properly during replay
  • bugfix: no more ghost emojis after loading replay
  • bugfix: fixed rare crash when wiping out rival factions last town

v2.9.14 released 2023-05-30

  • Balance tweak: “Hourglass” level made a little harder.

v2.9.13 released 2023-05-29

  • bugfix: fix rival emoji reactions not showing on player turn
  • greatly improved fixed performance on the level index screen
  • new map “Hourglass” swapped in for “Scorching Heat”
  • a number of campaign maps have been moved to achieve a smoother difficulty curve in the campaign

v2.9.12 released 2023-05-29

  • bugfix: don’t show emoji over player towns

v2.9.11 released 2023-05-27

  • bugfix: fix misaligned/invisible DOM elements (buttons and text inputs) on Safari

v2.9.10 released 2023-05-27

  • level 2 (Hold the line): ban rivals from using knights
  • avoid showing the error popup for various minor non-fatal issues
  • show proper error message if the game fails to load textures instead of running it in a broken state
  • bugfix: prevent rare crash when switching level
  • bugfix: proper transition for bandit move => bandit replaced by camp sequence on faster replay speeds

v2.9.8 released 2023-05-26

  • less assertive feedback prompts - don’t ask for level feedback unless user spent at least a minute in the level in the current session
  • bugfix: going back during rewind no longer skips two turns at a time
  • bugfix: unit animations no longer randomly skipped during rival turn playback & replay
  • bugfix: fixed animations not always parallelized properly at faster playback speeds
  • bugfix: fix attitude emojis display glitches during replay (no more ghost emojis etc.)
  • bugfix: fix occasional crash when going to start of replay
  • bugfix: fix towns backlight not deactivating on end of replay
  • bugfix: fix town backlight not always appearing during player turn
  • replays compression improvements
  • internal: collecting replay and feedback data as part of level stats, improved error tracking

v2.9.7 released 2023-05-24

  • bugfix: fix service worker not starting (offline mode should work again)
  • experiment with serving latest level data directly from github
  • improve performance tracking and error detection during game load
  • slightly raise FPS limit to avoid needless dips under 60 FPS

v2.9.6 released 2023-05-22

  • new campaign level “Midas” swapped for “Caldera”

v2.9.5 released 2023-05-21

  • limit FPS to 60 (to reduce CPU usage and battery drain)
  • bugfix: fix screen transition bugs mostly in mobile UI introduced by the screen transition changes in v2.9.2
  • bugfix: fix play time measurement

v2.9.4 released 2023-05-16

  • another tweak to automatic UI scaling

v2.9.3 released 2023-05-16

  • bugfix: 3rd attempt to make screen orientation lock attempt not crash the game on mobile firefox (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵ ┻━┻
  • bugfix: fixed broken behavior when returning to menu after rewinding from the defeat screen

v2.9.2 released 2023-05-15

  • bugfix: prevent crashes or unpredictable behavior when leaving a map while the AI is calculating its moves
  • bugfix: disable UI interactions while transitioning between screens, fixing a whole class of UI glitches
  • bugfix: fix crash on firefox mobile due to lack of access to screen orientation lock API

v2.9.1 released 2023-05-15

  • bugfix: fix error after exiting conquest menu while a map is being generated
  • bugfix: fix glitchy map transition to/from conquest menu

v2.9.0 released 2023-05-14

  • new campaign level “Zanahary” swapped for “Kirkstall”
  • automatic camera pan is less aggressive and less eager to mess with your zoom level
  • automatic camera pan and zoom-out behavior can be customized in settings
  • improved UI scaling on high DPI screens (avoids tiny UI elements, improves performance, lowers battery usage)
  • clicking the end-turn button while holding a pawn will cause it to be returned instead of doing nothing
  • zombie mode: levels must be won by eradicating all zombies
  • zombie mode: zombies can no longer infect units through walls, not even when they have nowehere else to move
  • zombie mode: AI rivals are a little less eager to let zombies overrun their towns
  • bugfix: fix subtle visual glitches in pawns move transitions
  • bugfix: automatic camera focus takes into account space taken by control penel
  • bugfix: fix spectating camera jumping around for no reason at the start of player turn
  • bugfix: fixed rare crash after undo while hostile region is selected
  • bugfix: fixed level autosave not getting deleted after defeat
  • bugfix: fix incorrect screen pan when requesting next conquest island
  • internal: gameplay stats collection rework, error and event logging improvements

v2.8.13 released 2023-05-10

  • bugfix: dont’t crash game in case of analytics initialization error
  • improve copy to clipboard robustness

v2.8.10 released 2023-05-09

  • bugfix: fix “continue” button not working on the main screen

v2.8.9 released 2023-05-08

  • new campaign level “Triage” replaced “Kingmaker”
  • level “Zeal” moved later in the campaign

v2.8.7 released 2023-05-01

  • copy to clipboard robustness improvements

v2.8.6 released 2023-05-01

  • tweaks for better kongregate and itch.io integration
  • level header panel made less transparent

v2.8.5 released 2023-05-01

  • fix mute button overlap with fullscreen button when hosted on itch.io

v2.8.4 released 2023-05-01

  • more robust copy to clipboard functionality
  • analytics setup tweaks

v2.8.2 released 2023-04-30

  • new campaign level swapped in for “Scramble”
  • new rewind UI allows rewinding more than one turn back
  • rewind to first turn refunds all lives, rewind within the current turn is free
  • explicit error message when dropping a link instead of file into the dropzone
  • game UI panel transitions cleanup and robustness improvements (fixes some minor UI bugs)
  • turn counter added to victory screen
  • option to view replay added to defeat screen when out of rewinds
  • bugfix: update map preview correctly when exiting to manu while viewing replay or rewinding
  • bugfix: no more ghost tile highlights when going back/forward a turn in replay mode
  • bugfix: fixed error when loading level on mobile safari
  • bugfix: fixed incorrect town variant showing on the region budget panel

v2.8.1 released 2023-04-24

  • fix zombies mode

v2.8.0 released 2023-04-23

  • new campaign levels swapped in for “Mount Blanik” and “Three Towers”
  • added option to view replay of the entire game, not just the last turn
  • added option to save the game replay to a file and load it by dragging the file into the game window
  • option to view replay added to victory screen
  • it’s now possible to import custom maps by dragging the map file into the browser window
  • saved games now include history => you can undo, rewind and view replay after resuming a saved game
  • bugfix: “Skip spectating” button now works when pressed while playback is paused.
  • bugfix: prevent scrolling off screen on map selection
  • bugfix: incorrect metadata after merging a freshly bought unit could corrupt replay data
  • diplomacy AI tweak: AI rivals are slightly less envious
  • automatically remove old autosaves when running out of local storage space

v2.7.12 released 2023-04-10

  • new campaign level swapped for “Black forest”

v2.7.11 released 2023-04-07

  • surrender disabled in zombie mode
  • fixed cases where player could not attack hero

v2.7.10 released 2023-04-03

  • new campaign level swapped for “Outbreak”

v2.7.9 released 2023-03-26

  • 2 new campaign levels swapped for levels “Afuru” and “Treasure Hunt”

v2.7.8 released 2023-03-26

  • bugfix: rewind no longer broken on the defeat screen or when rewinding in the middle of enemy turn

v2.7.5 released 2023-03-25

  • bugfix: you no longer get stuck in replay mode after you start it with no province selected
  • bugfix: fix spectating mode failing on fast speed when unit retreated multiple times in one turn
  • bugfix: fix glitches in spectating mode when tabbing in and out of the game

v2.7.3 released 2023-03-20

  • bugfix: fix cut-off symbols not showing up on start of player turn
  • new levels “Canyonero” (by @Graggle) and “Decadence” swapped for “Pilgrims” and “Kiawa” in the campaign
  • level “Stronghold” moved later in the campaign

v2.7.1 released 2023-03-13

  • bugfix: fixed ghost villager after buying and merging unit

v2.7.0 released 2023-03-13

  • ability to view replay of latest rival turn
  • enemy region summary tooltip now also shows their net income
  • number of improvements to rival turn playback on all spectating speeds - less jank and pointless waiting
  • fast and very fast speeds no longer skip unit merging and moves within rivals own territory
  • defeat screen appears instantly - you no longer have to wait for the end of all rivals turns
  • fastest playback speed now even faster (no artificial delay after focusing next faction)
  • bugfix: heroes can attack each other again
  • bugfix: coin consumption animation shows up properly again
  • 1 new campaign level (swapped for “Boiling Pot”)

v2.6.8 released 2023-03-05

  • campaign maps rotation: Wolfpaw nad Hold the Tide swapped with two new levels

v2.6.7 released 2023-02-26

  • the power balance bar proportions now reflecting purely the size of each factions territory (previously included other factors used by the AI to estimate faction strength)
  • rivals now offer surrender when hopelessly overpowered
  • bugfix: tooltips no longer appear during rival turn after player ends the turn by pressing ‘E’ while hovering a unit
  • 2 new campaign levels

v2.6.6 released 2023-02-21

  • 2 new campaign levels

v2.6.5 released 2023-02-19

  • overhaul of the way AI balances offensive and defensive moves - greedier expansion, less turtling, restored will to make desperate attacks in desperate circumstances
  • minor AI performance improvements (better use of caching in some helper data structures)
  • rebalanced campaign maps:
    • parched empire (#57, made easier)
    • let the winter come (#61, made easier)
    • hold the tide (#72, made harder)

v2.6.4 released 2023-02-12

  • AI performance improvements (especially on large maps) thanks to improved caching and heuristics
  • AI got slightly better at evaluating attack options
  • bugfix: fixed main source of occasional very long delay during AI turn
  • 2 new campaign levels

v2.6.3 released 2023-02-06

  • 2 new campaign levels

v2.6.2 released 2023-01-29

  • bugfix: fixed a massive bug in AI move evaluation which have caused the AI rivals to make totally reckless moves from time to time.
  • 2 new campaign levels

v2.6.0 released 2023-01-23

  • major AI update released - AI rivals have greatly improved offensive and defensive capabilities and should exhibit a lot more “common sense”
  • number of campaign levels moved and/or patched for the updated AI
  • 6 new levels added and 3 levels removed from the campaign
  • fixed a bug in the map generator that led to regions of same colour being placed too close together, often leading to severely imbalanced maps; this unfortunately makes older conquest map links incompatible with the current version

v2.5.13 released 2022-12-10

  • bugfix: fixed various cases of the game breaking or controls disappearing when exiting level or opening a menu during enemy turn

v2.5.12 released 2022-12-09

  • bugfix: fix occasional freeze when cornered AI is planning next move

v2.5.11 released 2022-12-05

  • 3 new levels
  • level 56 (Containment) removed

v2.5.10 released 2022-11-28

  • tweak to level 56 (Containment) to prevent cheap victory

v2.5.9 released 2022-11-27

  • 3 new levels
  • bugfix: haunted Towns produce zombies properly again

v2.5.7 released 2022-11-26

  • bugfix: fixed offline mode

v2.5.6 released 2022-11-20

  • 3 new levels

v2.5.5 released 2022-11-13

  • add author credit to community-submitted levels
  • 3 new levels
  • “Bay of salt” moved later in the campaign

v2.5.4 released 2022-11-06

  • bandits are now unable to pass through walls
  • smarter detection which regions are actionable - if there’s nothing you can do in a given region, it will be skipped when you clicking “next”
  • shift-click to buy another unit of the same type
  • ctrl-click to bypass most confirmation windows
  • 3 new campaign levels
  • removed Halloween level “They are dozens” from campaign
  • bugfix: using rewind on defeat screen no longer gives you back all lives in certain situations

v2.5.3 released 2022-11-01

  • bugfix: check win conditions on start of player turn

v2.5.2 released 2022-10-30

  • a few additional tips in “how to play”
  • 3 new campaign levels
  • campaing level 48 “Incursion” removed
  • zombies?…

v2.5.1 released 2022-10-23

  • three new levels added
  • campaign level “Quagmire” removed
  • campaign levels “Red River” (#27) and “Fjords” (#30) tweaked to be more interesting
  • rivals no longer smile at you after a backstab
  • AI tweak: AI less confrontational and eager to buy expensive units in 1v1 lategame situations
  • bugfix: avoid crash when loading game that was saved during AI turn

v2.5.0 released 2022-10-21

  • performance optimization of player actions (reduced lag when moving/buying unit)
  • option to adjust enemy turn playback speed in options menu
  • bandit moves are deterministic (you will always see the same moves after rewind)
  • game waits for UI transitions to finish before start of AI calculations (prevents choppy UX feel after hitting end turn)
  • bugfix: properly cleanup past conquest levels from user data
  • bugfix: fix a rare crash during AI frontline defense calculation

v2.4.2 released 2022-10-19

  • bugfix: fix a bug that would cause the AI to freeze for an extended period

v2.4.1 released 2022-10-18

  • “Incursion” level difficulty nerf

v2.4.0 released 2022-10-17

  • AI is better at defending and plays balances attack and defense more evenly especially in late game
  • AI makes better army composition decisions (in particular doesn’t get expensive units until it really needs them)
  • AI gives more attention to defending against attacks from provinces which were attacking it the previous turn
  • AI should never stay completely passive
  • in a 1v1 late game scenario, AI no longer holds back when attacking, even if it really likes the remaining opponent
  • overhaul of truce approval bonus calculation - it is a lot easier to make friends by playing peacefully
  • balance changes in campaign levels “Hold The Tide”, “Promised land”, “Natives”, “Incursion” and “Sedition”
  • many campaign levels changed their position in the campaign based on shift in their difficulty with the new AI
  • added 6 new levels
  • bugfix: fixed AI doing nothing in various specific situations
  • bugfix: fix “unit not paid” symbols over units not updating properly during enemy turn
  • bugfix: AI should no longer be wasting expensive units to weed out bandits on its own territory

v2.3.6 released 2022-10-14

  • bugfix: When enemy takes a hex that had a bandit, the alert tooltip no longer says “They killed our bandit!”
  • bugfix: Fix bought pawn not reappearing in shopping tray after being returned to town. (thanks @Deathbanesravenhaft)

v2.3.4 released 2022-10-07

  • fixed typo in tutorial (thanks @XanderStuff)

v2.3.3 released 2022-10-03

  • bugfix: fixed player missing their starting villager in Island 25 (“Scorching Heat”)

v2.3.2 released 2022-10-02

  • restored the AI to be a little more suspecting against dominant faction
  • AI less likely to just sit around and defend in a losing situation

v2.3.0 released 2022-09-25

  • 3 new campaign levels
  • rival attitude emojis now animate, giving you instant feedback on the diplomatic effect of your actions
  • defense strength indicators are now always visible when province is selected (both own and rival province)
  • AI may now choose to wait and conserve coins when there is no good expansion opportunity
  • AI bugfix: no longer has the habit to use knights as town guards
  • AI tuning: AI acts less unhinged in desperate situations, still pays some attention to defense and economy
  • AI tuning: AI is a bit less envious of dominant faction in early game
  • AI tuning: more nuanced calculation on approval impact on allies and enemies of attacked player
  • AI bugfix: AI no longer completely ignores rich bandit camps when focusing on war
  • AI bugfix: faction power estimate is no longer blind to units that didn’t attack in the preceding turn
  • AI bugfix: fixed a bug that made a dominant faction quickly begin to like everyone else
  • AI bugfix: attacking an already bankrupt province no longer incurs the same approval penalty as did bankrupting it in the first place
  • campaign island 34 (Hold the Tide) rebalanced to compensate for AI improvements
  • bugfix: missing defense marker on the tile a pawn was picked up from
  • bugfix: attitude emojis now update immediately after end of player turn
  • bugfix: rewind now works correctly when used during enemy turn playback

v2.2.4 released 2022-09-18

  • 3 new campaign levels
  • ability to copy and reuse a link to the current level (buttons added to conquest setup, play and victory screens)
  • level name now more prominently visible on play and victory screens
  • conquest islands now have randomly generated names (no more boring “Unknown island”)
  • in conquest mode you can now also generate a new island by entering a custom name
  • you can now close modal dialogs with escape key
  • bugfix: fix UI tooltips sometimes appearing even when element is no longer under mouse pointer
  • bugfix: improve victory screen buttons layout on small screens
  • bugfix: fixed missing modal window header decoration and occasional bad sizing
  • bugfix: fix level feedback form not showing

v2.2.3 released 2022-09-11

  • 3 new campaign levels
  • Campaign level 22 (“Politics”) removed
  • Bankruptcy markers on units take precedence over exclamation mark markers

v2.2.2 released 2022-09-04

  • highlight new levels on the level select screen
  • 3 new levels
  • bugfix: fix sign-in buttons showing up even when sidebar closed after unexpected disconnect

v2.2.0 released 2022-09-03

  • ability to sign in via email/google/facebook and automatically sync progress in background
  • new sidebar UI for How to play and Feedback form
  • color palette choice is now a global preference and persist across levels and sessions
  • new toggle fullscreen prompt on mobile
  • allow to import a game from string by hitting F8
  • mute and fullscreen toggle buttons moved to bottom right corner on desktop
  • completed capmaign maps show the starting state (for reaply) instead of the winning state
  • bugfix: added preloading for certain sprites on victory screen so that they won’t fail to show while offline
  • bugfix: fixed feedback dialog input box not visible on android/iOS in fullscreen mode

v2.1.41 released 2022-08-28

  • new levels 8,13,26
  • removed level 12 (Onslaught)
  • bugfix: fix campaign maps loading redundantly for a second time during boot

v2.1.39 released 2022-08-23

  • error reporting improvements

v2.1.38 released 2022-08-22

  • bugfix: clicking the wrong spot on the screen no longer randomly triggers google login

v2.1.37 released 2022-08-22

  • bugfix: prevent rare incorrect tile updates resulting from concurrent move transitions on enemy turn
  • bugfix: don’t start player turn before bandit actions completed animating
  • autosave progress at the start of conquest level, even before first player action

v2.1.36 released 2022-08-21

  • added new levels 5, 17, 18, removed level 11 (Gorith)
  • bugfix: fixed a few visual bugs related to the bandit rule change

v2.1.31 released 2022-08-21

  • undo hotkey expands the rewind menu if no more actions can be undone in the turn
  • allow switching from buying one unit to another with numeric hotkeys

v2.1.30 released 2022-08-21

  • RULES CHANGE: All cut off units turn into bandits at the end of EACH players turn (previously this happened at the start of the unit owners turn).
  • display current level name on play and victory screens
  • add restart button to victory screen
  • minor tweak to 2nd tutorial level
  • bugfix: don’t show next button on victory screen if all campaign levels were completed
  • bugfix: should be no longer possible to crash the game by using buy unit or other hotkeys rapidly
  • bugfix: should be no longer able to get the shop into visually broken state by picking up and dropping pawns too fast clicking
  • bugfix: fix race condition in coins animation that could sometimes cause a ghost coin to remain on a tile after it was captured
  • bugfix: fix campaign level buttons sometimes disappearing from the campaign overview due to animation glitch
  • bugfix: ending camera drag with cursor on top of a button no longer activates it
  • bugfix: fix incorrect level preview sometimes displayed after returning from play mode to level detail screen
  • bugfix: fix ghost movement highlights staying on map preview

v2.1.28 released 2022-08-19

  • allow the game to run even when localStorage is unavailable

v2.1.27 released 2022-08-18

  • disabled right-click context menu only on screens that actually make use of the right mouse button
  • bugfix: don’t ask for level feedback while offline (thanks @deathbanesravenhaft)

v2.1.26 released 2022-08-16

  • bugfix: closing shop with the “x” button while holding a bought unit no longer crashes the game (thanks @deathbanesravenhaft)

v2.1.24 released 2022-08-15

  • bugfix: fix rare case of game failing to start due to campaign data not loaded in time

v2.1.23 released 2022-08-15

  • made the AI less likely to spam castles out of boredom, especially if it doesn’t have any other military units
  • bugfix: ensured AI’s with small provinces can’t get permanently stuck never buying a unit out a fear of budget deficit
  • bugfix: in some cases AI would build a villager even if it had no use for it

v2.1.22 released 2022-08-15

  • bugfix: failing a level while playing it again could sometimes overwrite your previous victory

v2.1.20 released 2022-08-14

  • if you have no game in progress the “continue” button on title screen points you to the next unfinished campaign level
  • 3 new campaign levels (8,9,10)
  • replaced “give up” button with “restart” on level detail screen
  • redesign of campaign level 5 (Scramble)
  • friendly AI factions are now a little less eager to backstab you when they start worrying that you’re growing too large
  • ban AI from building knights in the first two tutorial levels
  • bugfix: alert symbols should no longer hang around after restart/rewind

v2.1.18 released 2022-08-13

  • bugfix: rewind to first move no longer takes you to the start of the current turn when used in the middle of a turn (thanks @Capp)
  • bugfix: prev/next province buttons presence often not updating correctly after merging provinces or undo (thanks @Capp)
  • bugfix: don’t show the end turn confirmation dialog if you aren’t able to end turn anyway (due to holding a pawn for example) (thanks @Capp)
  • bugfix: prevent unit sprites sometimes remaining on screen indefinitely when picking up and dropping units rapidly (thanks @Capp)

v2.1.17 released 2022-08-12

  • ending turn with the “E” hotkey is now never subject to the confirmation dialog and “E” now also doubles as the “Skip enemy turn” hotkey
  • confirmation dialogs can now also be confirmed with enter and spacebar
  • bugfix: fixed province boundaries not updated when you’re clicking faster than the game can process it (thanks @Duke Garland)
  • bugfix: fixed occasionally glitchy transition (originating at wrong hex) when picking up or dropping pawn
  • bugfix: fixed freeze after unexpected action in tutorial (thanks @Capp)
  • bugfix: fixed hovering a unit sometime showing an empty tooltip with an arrow icon
  • bugfix: AI attitude emojis should no longer continue to hang around after a town is razed

v2.1.16 released 2022-08-12

  • bugfix: clicking “next” on level detail screen no longer skips over islands in “defeated” state (thanks @Capp)
  • bugfix: don’t allow selecting different region while holding a pawn (thanks @Capp)
  • bugfix: fix occasional janky scrolling behavior after camera drag on map and level detail screens (thanks @Capp)
  • bugfix: improve janky mousewheel scrolling on level detail screen (thanks @Capp)

v2.1.14 released 2022-08-11

  • warning icons on the map now have two levels based on severity - yellow and red
  • replaced start of turn news notifications with warning icons on the map with tooltips
  • on invalid move attempt a taunt speech bubble brings extra attention to the defending unit
  • added left/right buttons on level details screen
  • confirmation dialog when ending turn without doing anything
  • improved the treasury icon

v2.1.13 released 2022-08-08

  • tweak level 3 to be easier

v2.1.12 released 2022-08-08

  • increase number of factions generated for “crowded” maps

v2.1.11 released 2022-08-08

  • improve fullscreen mode availability detection

v2.1.10 released 2022-08-07

  • bugfix: hero-on-hero combat no longer causing an en error

v2.1.9 released 2022-08-07

  • bugfix: prevent the news box from covering part of the how to play modal window

v2.1.8 released 2022-08-07

  • bugfix: prevent a rare issue in map generator where player gets no starting region on unfair difficulty

v2.1.7 released 2022-08-07

  • bugfix: error reporter should no longer fail to log error details

v2.1.6 released 2022-08-05

  • when using rewind you can now choose whether to rewind to start or end of turn
  • auto-camera during enemy turn now zooms out if enemy province won’t fit screen
  • camera position and zoom at end of turn is remembered and automatically restored after turn end
  • bugfix: fixed unit sprites occasionally randomly disappearing based on camera position
  • bugfix: fixed occasional freezes during enemy turn (race condition when oponnent was simultaneously destroying another unit and buying a new unit)
  • bugfix: town levels now update correctly (to reflect what level of unit the enemy can afford)
  • bugfix: AI now evaluates the strength of hostile provinces more accurately, leading to slightly better decision making
  • bugfix: mobile UI: fixed undo button not shown as disabled at start of turn

v2.1.5 released 2022-08-03

  • bugfix: if you rewind, end turn, and rewind again, it will now work instead of doing nothing

v2.1.4 released 2022-08-03

  • bugfix: submitting feedback could fail on some larger maps
  • bugfix: cleaned up some invisible forests from campaign maps 4, 16 and 17

v2.1.3 released 2022-08-02

  • made levels 3 and 5 a bit easier

v2.1.2 released 2022-08-02

  • bugfix: UI should no longer end up in inconsistent state after skipping turn at the wrong moment
  • bugfix: fixed an error that broke automated error reporting 🤦

v2.1.1 released 2022-08-01

  • new and updated campaign maps!
  • AI is a bit more eager to capture bandit lairs
  • AI attitude emojis remain visible during enemy turn
  • island is not marked “in progress” unless player made at least one move since starting it
  • modal dialogs now have cancel ;button in top right corner
  • bugfix: fixed camera panning to incorrect position when focusing on large enemy province during their turn
  • bugfix: right-clicking outside the map to cancel buying unit works again
  • bugfix: hide news box when opening modal window
  • bugfix: fix glitches in modal dialog positioning & sizing
  • bugfix: removed extra empty space from some campaign levels

v2.1.0 released 2022-07-29

  • modal dialogs resize to fit small screen
  • mobile-friendly friendly layouts for number of screens: level select, level detail, defeat
  • new UI effects for moving and buying units, mostly for touch devices
  • multitouch support - you can now zoom in/out on touch screen using two-finger gesture
  • you can now drag-scroll the map while moving or buying unit
  • improved behavior for tooltips - summon tooltip instantly by clicking on things on the map or in the UI
  • new “hamburger menu” for returning to menu, restarting map and rewinding turn on mobile
  • hide “toggle fullscreen” button if webapp is running in browser-less mode
  • you can now use the back button on your phone to navigate within the app
  • bugfix: fixed usability issues of how-to-play screen on mobile
  • bugfix: auto camera pan during enemy turn no longer pans to incorrect location on non-default zoom levels
  • bugfix: delayed tooltips no longer triggered by touch interactions
  • bugfix: mobile UI: skip turn button no longer remains shown after end of opponents turn
  • bugfix: mobile UI: region income popup tooltip properly hidden on startup
  • bugfix: buying castles no longer highlights conquerable tiles in hostile territory
  • bugfix: fix glitchy transition when merging existing pawn with new pawn in shop
  • bugfix: auto-attacker indicator arrow now hides properly after defeating bandit inside province
  • bugfix: fixed wonky click detection on the shop area after switching between compact and full UI (after viewport resize)
  • bugfix: mobile UI: fix loading indicator alignment

v2.0.19 released 2022-07-21

  • popup notifications appear only for major news, not when you just lose a few tiles
  • bugfix: “region fractured” notification no longer appears when the split off region is not alive

v2.0.18 released 2022-07-19

  • discord button added to title screen
  • title screen cleanup and improved layout on small display

v2.0.16 released 2022-07-18

  • caching overhaul: game is fully playable offline again, but also detects updates on startup and applies them automatically (no more green “update available” prompts)

v2.0.15 released 2022-07-17

  • integration of in-game “about” and “how to play pages” with the new website
  • bugfix: make sure to always hide news-box outside of title page
  • automate changelog publishing


  • bugfix: rollback now always properly rewinds you to start of previous turn (not in the middle of it)


  • A brand new random map generator! - available under the “Conquest” menu item
  • you no longer have to wait for coin animations to finish before you start your turn
  • bugfix: feedback form send button works again
  • bugfix: defeating bandit consumes unit action again