• Rivals now 35% more satisfying to crush!

    Your rivals just became a fair bit more expressive! Watch them react to your actions! Be it with love, awe or despair 🙂.

    Some tweaks to the AI behavior have landed as well. You should see a bit less suicidal aggression from the AI and fewer facepalm-inducingly stupid moves. If you’d like to know more about the changes and what’s coming next, continue reading here.

  • Say goodbye to "Unknown Island"!

    Conquest maps now get unique names! You can bring back your favourite islands or share them with friends by entering the name, or even more conveniently…

    …look for the brand new “link” button!

    Your links to fun maps are also welcome in the new
    #map-sharing channel on discord!

  • ☁ Play from anywhere!

    The cloud sync update is live! If you’d like your campaign progress safely backed up and shared between your phone and PC, just click the little cogwheel icon in the top right corner and choose your preferred sign-in option!

    You might also notice some additional UI changes, you can read about those here.

  • New levels!

    This week’s new levels landed at numbers 8, 13 and 26, have fun!

    My focus remains on the cloud sync update, which is nearly ready now. Should be landing later this week! 🤞

  • Survey results 📊

    Hey everyone, this weeks new levels can be found at numbers 5, 17 and 18! Other levels got moved around and one got removed. Sorry for the constantly changing level numbers! I’ll try to move to a better system soon.

    If you’d like to know about a subtle rule change to bandit behavior and the player survey results, continue reading over here!

  • 🧭 New levels every week!

    Hey everyone, I would hate to keep you starved for content while I’m working on the bigger improvements. So starting today, I’ll be adding 3 new handcrafted levels to the campaign every week!

    Today’s batch includes new levels 8,9 and 10 as well as rebalancing of some existing ones. There’s also a bunch of bugfixes and little improvements, more in the changelog.

    Also the player survey is still open, big thanks to everyone who gave their feedback so far!

  • 📋 What do YOU want to see next?

    Help me decide by taking this short survey!

    Slowly but steadily there’s more and more of you awesome folks playing my game, so I’d love to learn more about what kind of improvements you’d appreciate the most 🙂.

    Also if you’d like to know more about my own thoughts around the future of Konkr, continue reading over here!

  • What's next?

    Hi everyone, so ever since v2 was released about a month ago, I’ve been trying to collect as much feedback as I could.

    And it’s been kind of amazing.

    Sentimental rambling

    After about a year of hacking away at this thing, seeing that I’m clearly not the only one who is utterly in love with the concept of this game is beyond rewarding. Massive thank you to everyone that gave me feedback on this or the earlier version of over the past months (and years). You are my heroes, and I wouldn’t make it this far without you ♥.

    This is also the first time that Konkr feels to me like a complete, finished game. There’s no longer a laundry list of things I still need to do before It’s truly fun and playable, and that feels awesome.

    Of course, this does not mean I’m done! In fact I’m more excited than ever to keep expanding the game and bring it to the next level of greatness! But how does the next level of greatness look like is a somewhat open question now. I will share my thoughts below, but I would also love to know what you think. So if you didn’t yet, please do me a favor and take this short survey!

    The Paths Ahead

    I’ve recently transformed my massive todo/idea list into a more high-level overview of the possible paths in which I could see the game expand next. Here it is!

    possible directions overview

    As you can see, I think the next big feature should be an option to login and save your progress in the cloud. I view this as a blocker for a lot of other exciting stuff, like a map editor and a big expansion of the campaign.

    Why? Currently, all your progress in the game is just stored in your browser. There are two big problems with that:

    • it’s really easy to lose all your progress by for example clearing your browser data.
    • it’s impossible to share your progress between devices (like your phone and a pc).

    The current 20-level campaign is about the limit of the amount of content I’m willing to bet on such a flimsy storage mechanism. I really don’t want you folks randomly losing many hours of progress!

    So my main plan at the moment is:

    1. get an (opt-in) login/cloud-sync in place
    2. add a lot more campaign content
    3. add map editor & map sharing

    And after that, there’s a sea of other cool improvements I could be working on.

    All that said, the results of the survey posted above might still shake up things quite a bit, so stay tuned for more updates!

    I hope this cleared things up a bit. Going forward I would like to be more transparent about my plans, rather than just dropping random updates on you folks out of the blue 😉.

    Thanks for reading all the way through this! As always, I’m happy to chat about any of this with you on the Discord server.

  • New campaign levels!

    The main campaign was just expanded to 20 levels, check them out! There are 9 new ones, some old ones were shifted around, others tweaked and the utterly evil last level was removed for now.

    Big thank you to everyone that has been sending me feedback on the levels, it really helps. ❤️

  • Play on your phone!

    Konkr is now touchscreen-friendly! Visit on your phone to try it out. As always, let me know if you run into any issues.

    For the next update I will be most likely focusing on content, so expect new and rebalanced campaign levels soon!

  • New website!

    A shiny new version of Konkr calls for a shiny new website, so I took some time to update the web.

    It includes a standalone version of the in-game How to Play guide and a new About page.

    You can now also keep a closer eye on any changes to the game by following the Changelog.

  • Welcome to Konkr v2!

    I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to email me or
    join the discord server.

    And just in case you want none of this new fanciness, you can still play the old konkr here 😉.