1. Goal of the game

  • Connected tiles of same color form a province, as long as they have at least one town.
  • All green provinces are yours to control.
  • Your goal is to expand your territory and destroy all rival towns.

2. Economy

  • At the start of your turn, each of your provinces:
    • Earns one coin for each tile in the province.
    • Pays its units and castles
    • Stores surplus coins in towns.
  • The sum of all coins stored in your towns is called  province treasury.
  • Use coins from the treasury to buy new units and castles for the province.

3. Conquest

  • Every building and unit in the game has a strength level (ranging from 0 to 4)
  • Strength matters when conquering enemy tiles and also protecting adjacent tiles from enemy conquest.
  • To conquer an enemy tile, the attacking unit must be stronger than each of the defending units and buildings.

4. Politics

  • In Konkr, your opponents behave a lot like real humans:
    • They play to win.
    • They hold grudges.
    • They join forces against bullies.
    • They may lash out when desperate.
  • The emoji over enemy towns tells you what the rival thinks of you. Don't get comfortable if they like you though! In the end they all play to win, and so should you.

5. Bandits

  • Units that didn't get paid turn into bandits. This is irreversible, so make sure you are able to pay your units!
  • Bandits serve only themselves. They move randomly around the map and steal income from any tiles they land on.
  • The stolen coins are taken to a nearby  Bandit camp. These camps can spawn new bandits once there are at least 3 coins stored.

6. Strategy tips

  • Healthy income is key, don't buy/upgrade advanced units until you really need them.
  • Use the economy against your enemies. Cut off their soldiers, bankrupt their provinces!
  • Walls let your units retreat when attacked.
  • Sometimes the best move is to wait. Let your enemies fight each other while your treasury grows!

7. Advanced controls

  • You can issue many actions in Konkr with keyboard - see the hotkeys on the left!
  • When you click the Undo button on the start of the turn, you have options to Rewind time to the start of previous turn (you can do this only 3 times per game), or restart the current map.