The victory screen now lets you review the replay of the whole match! You can even save it to a file for future enjoyment or sharing with others.

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Saving and loading replays

Use the new button available in spectating mode to save a replay of the match to a file. To restore a replay, simply drag and drop the replay file into the game window!

Replay saving guide

View replay any time

The full match replay is available not just from the victory screen, but also any time you view replay while playing the level. Useful to review how the heck that one guy on the other side of the map suddenly got so powerful!

Autosave got amped up!

Since the game history is now saved along with your progress, undo, rewind and replay work just fine even when you return to a previously saved game!

Rewind further (coming soon!)

I’m planning to make the game a little less evil by boosting the “rewind” power. Soon you will be able to rewind not just to the last turn, but as far back as you want (still at the same cost of one “life”).