This week’s Vortex level introduces swamp terrain! Don’t get bogged down and enjoy also some newly added community maps!

Roadmap mini-update

So what else is cooking besides all these new little twists in Unstable Vortex?

Truth to be told, less than I would like to. I really enjoy experimenting with all these new gameplay twists (and I hope you enjoy them too!), and the ease with which I am able to add them makes me quite proud and confident in the foundations I have in place. But this in combination with some busy weekends caused the more substantial features on the roadmap to stagnate lately.

The things I would really like to focus on in the next weeks/months are:

  • UI improvements to more easily review active level modifiers, selected difficulty, view optional hints, etc. while playing the level
  • making the map editor an official feature (ideally also with in-game map-sharing, but that will be a much bigger task)
  • procedurally generated weekly expeditions

But I also enjoy experimenting with adding these new level modifiers too much, so I’ll definitely stick with that as well for the time being, even if it eats into these larger goals. Don’t tell anyone, but for the next week I feel like finally adding some valuable resource nodes to fight over (gold mines probably ⛏).