The cloud sync update is live! If you’d like your campaign progress safely backed up and shared between your phone and PC, just click the little cogwheel icon in the top right corner and choose your preferred sign-in option!

You might also notice some additional UI changes, you can read about those here.

UI Changes

  • Fullscreen and toggles sound buttons were moved from top right to bottom right corner. Especially in the case of the fullscreen button I realized that’s a more conventional place for it.
  • Color palette toggle got moved to the settings menu in the new sidebar. Other configurable settings should be landing in that section soon.
  • Completed levels now show the starting state instead of the victory state on the level detail screen. As the level count will keep growing, I don’t want to waste more and more space saving the final state of every level; the upside is that seeing the starting state is nicer when you are deciding if you want to replay a given level.
  • The How to Play page and Feedback form found a new, more convenient home in the new sidebar menu. For the How to Play page, this is a first step towards expanding it into a more comprehensive source of information and tips.

Here’s a neat little graphical summary, consider it my apology for moving stuff around under your hands. 😇

Next up

I’d like to add support for multiple campaigns ASAP, but also can’t wait to dig into some AI and conquest mode improvements, so I guess we’ll see what comes first!

I have a very busy week coming up, so don’t expect anything too groundbreaking coming over the next weekend 🙂.