Big thanks everyone who participated in the mini survey last week! It got over 300 responses, which is amazing! Let’s see the results!

Survey results

Asked which of these improvements interest you the most, this is what you had to say:

There was nothing too surprising for me in the results, which is a good thing! Some immediate thoughts:

  • I may take a stab at the generated weekly expeditions soon, even before the map editor.
  • Glad that everyone seems to be enjoying Dead Islands and so many of you are looking forward to see what else I may come up with. But as mentioned last week, some patience will be required there. Before I try to pile a skyscraper worth of additional modes and mechanics onto the game, I better make sure the foundations to support such load are properly in place.
  • You guys all have phones, right? Just kidding 🙂. To be fair, the mobile UI category may be a bit skewed because one of the limitations in the current mobile UI is that the news posts (such as the one with link to the survey) don’t show up in it 😅. But it’s still a reminder that majority of you don’t really care about playing on the phone, so I’ll try to be quick and efficient with any effort spent on that front, rather than expecting everyone to be super excited about it.
  • When it comes to the number of people frustrated enough with bugs to include them in the most wanted improvements, anything about 0 feels a bit too high. The Dead Islands update being a “Halloween surprise” made me release it in a bit of a rush with some inexcusably stupid bugs and no community beta testing. I’ll try to avoid doing that for the next major updates.

There were also around 30 votes in the “other” category, most of them various interesting ideas and suggestions. One reoccurring topic I want to comment on is that more powerful conquest mode customization (like combining zombies with kings landing or choosing start location), is definitely coming as part of the larger UI overhaul.

Finally, big thanks goes to the heart-meltingly large number of you that used the “any other feedback?” prompt to write some incredibly sweet and supportive messages. I appreciate them greatly! ❤️

Saying goodbye to the old level select screen

This weekend I made progress on a major UI element still missing on the new expedition screen. Have a peek at the current version!

I can’t wait to get rid of the old level select UI. But not until I’m certain the new UI is not just nicer to look at, but also more pleasant to actually use. Being able to browse all the levels in a simple list is an important part of that. It’s bound to get some sorting/filtering options too!