This weekend I’ve been taking care of a bunch of little fixes and improvements before I dig into the next big feature, too many to list here! Continue here to read about them!

Leveling up the rivals vocabulary

The list of phrases the rivals might throw at you has more than doubled (standing at some 1300+ unique phrases now!) and there’s a system in place to ensure you should never again see two rivals saying the exact same thing at the same time.

Repeatedly clicking the same rival will no longer keep generating new phrases, which should make the new content feel fresh for longer and removes the motivation to spam click the rivals ☺.

Smarter auto-attack

When you attack by clicking the target tile and let the game pick the best unit for the job, it will now avoid using units that you previously placed into a defensive position. If there are no other units left, the defenders will still be used, but the tile selection highlight will switch to a more transparent color to warn you about this.

Option to wipe your campaign progress

If you scroll to the bottom of the campaign levels list, there’s a new button for resetting your campaign progress. It works even when you’re logged in, synchronizing the reset across all your devices.

New help sections

In the “advanced topics” help section, you can now find two new pages that might be of interest:

  • Visual Cues
  • Difficulty Modes

Declining surrender doesn’t hurt your victory turn count

For the purpose of tracking the number of turns to victory, declining a surrender now counts as if you won on that turn. You still have to finish the game for it to count, but you no longer have to decide between a better “number of turns” record and a more thorough victory!

What’s next

There’s about one more weekend worth of little improvements on my list, before I fully dive into the next big undertaking, which would be:

  • The big content overhaul I’ve already wrote a lot about for example here.
  • Tactical AI overhaul - this is always a huge time sink, but now I am just one more iteration from really nailing it, I can feel it ☺.

Expect more details on these big plans soon!